How do I view a Salesforce record?

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Ebsta Chrome will automatically run searches against Salesforce as you browse profiles on LinkedIn and show you via the blue drop-down notification bar what content exists in your database.

Learn more by watching: How does Ebsta Chrome alert me to content in Salesforce as I browse LinkedIn?

However, you can also run a manual search against Salesforce to view a record. 


Viewing a Salesforce Record

1. Open Ebsta Chrome by clicking on the Ebsta icon  in the top right-hand corner of your browser.



2. Type in the name of a LeadContact or Account in the search bar at the top of the Ebsta Chrome window and click Search.



3. Select the relevant LeadContact or Account from the search results.


4. This will then open the record view where you can then reference Open Activities, Activities History, Campaigns or Chatter posts. You can also choose to Log a Call, Add a Task, Add a Campaign or Open in Salesforce.


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