How do I create an Ebsta Score Trending Table?

Ebsta Support -

1. Click Reports.

2. Click New Report.


3. Click Accounts & Contacts, then click Create.

Note: Ebsta Score Trends can be associated to Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities.


4. Apply your own Filters to pin-point a specific set of results to track the Ebsta Trend against (for example, a Type of "Customers" owned by a specific User).



5. Drag and drop the one of the following fields from the left-hand column to the main Reporting Table:

Ebsta Score Trend Last 7 Days

Ebsta Score Trend Last 30 Days

Ebsta Score Trend Last 90 Days



6. Change the Tabular Format to Summary.


7. Click the drop-down arrow next to Ebsta Score Trend Last X Days > Summarize this field


8. Select Sum, then click Apply.


9. Drag and drop the Object Name (e.g. Account Name) column header into the "Drop into a field here to create a grouping" section.


10. Click Save.


11. Select your Dashboard and then drag and drop the Table Graph into the Dashboard 



12. Click on Data Sources and search for your Trend Report, then drag and drop it onto the Table Graph.


13. Click on the Spanner icon against the Graph and then input the following details depending on your requirements, then click OK.

Sort Rows Ascending / Descending

Maximum Values Displayed



 14. Add a Title.


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