How do I enable Ebsta Sync's Reporting?

Ebsta Support -

You will need to be a Salesforce Administrator to turn on Ebsta Sync's Reporting.


1. Click on the Ebsta Tab.

Note: If it isn't visible, please click on the + Button in the Tab Ribbon and then choose Ebsta


 2. Click Reporting Settings.

3. Turn Ebsta's Reporting ON.


4. Choose your Reporting Settings options:


'User Email Activity' will allow you to track the number of emails your Users send and receive on a daily basis.

Learn more by reading: How do I create a 'User Email Activity' graph?


'Salesforce Object Reporting Settings' gives insight into the engagement with particular Objects, including: Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities.

Ebsta Sync offers Salesforce Object Reporting updates via Custom Fields or Custom Objects.


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