How do I add Ebsta Sync to a Custom Object Page Layout?

Ebsta Support -

1. Click Setup 

2. Click Develop > Visualforce Pages

3. Click New

4. Add a Label (i.e. "Ebsta") and a Name, then click Save

5. Click Edit


6. Copy and Paste the Apex Code below into the Visualforce Markup Section and then click Save

Note: Please ensure you replace New_Custom_Object with your Custom Object Name.

<apex:page applyBodyTag="false" docType="html-5.0" sidebar="false" showHeader="false"  standardStyleSheets="false" standardController="New_Custom_Object__c" title="Ebsta" id="ebp">

 <ebsta1:ebstaCentralCore SalesforceId="{!New_Custom_Object__c.Id}" ObjectFullName="{!New_Custom_Object__c.Name}" ObjectName="New_Custom_Object__c" ></ebsta1:ebstaCentralCore> 



7. Click Setup > Create > Objects


8. Click on your Custom Object

9. Hover over Page Layouts at the top and click Edit next to the relevant Page Layout


10. Select Visualforce Pages.


11. Select Section and drag and drop it into the Custom Object Page Layout. Add the following properties and click OK


12. Select Ebsta from the Visualforce Pages tab and drag it into the newly created Ebsta Section.

13. Click Save


14. Ebsta will then search Email fields against the Custom Object by default. Salesforce Admins are able to define which Salesforce fields Ebsta uses to search against when landing on a particular Object.   

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