How do I set Ebsta for Bullhorn to automatically update field value changes in Bullhorn?

Ebsta Support -

If you are an administrator you can ensure Ebsta for Bullhorn checks Bullhorn for updates on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.

1. If you have administrator rights, go to the Ebsta Control Panel and click on the CRM Integration button.


2. Now, you can select Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Never  from the Lookup refresh column drop-downs how often you wish for Ebsta for Bullhorn to update the fields.


3. Make the relevant selection and click Update Layout once you are happy with the changes you have made.



If you find that Ebsta for Bullhorn is not updating the fields correctly then you will need to submit a Support Ticket to our Customer Support team.  Please refer to this article:

How do I submit a Support Ticket?