How do I update a Bullhorn record with information from the web page I am on?

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Updating/editing Bullhorn records from your browser is so easy with Ebsta for Bullhorn.  You can either make updates to a record manually:

Learn more by reading: How do I edit/update a Bullhorn record? 

Or you can update a record in Bullhorn with information from the current web page you are on using the Update From Page function.


Update From Page

1. View the Bullhorn record that you wish to update in the Ebsta for Bullhorn window,  If you need to, refer to this article:

How do I view a Bullhorn record?



2. Click on the Edit button.


3. Click the Update From Page button.

Note: This will override the information in existing fields (where relevant information is available on the page).



4. Click the Save button once all changes have been made.


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