How can I search Bullhorn from any website?

Ebsta Support -

Automatic Searches/Intelligent Notifications

Ebsta is currently optimised for over 50 websites (and the list continues to grow).  This means that as you browse a profile on LinkedIn, Job Boards and other optimised websites, Ebsta automatically cross-references your Bullhorn database  and notifies you if you have a matching record or not.  If there is a matching record, Ebsta gives you a snapshot of the previous activities that have taken place between the contact and your company.

If you haven't already done so, we recommend watching our short video giving you an introduction to Ebsta for Chrome.

Introduction to Ebsta for Chrome (video)


You can also run a manual search for a particular person or company within your Bullhorn database on any website by using Ebsta's Right-Click Search functionality.


Right-Click Search

1. When on a website, find a name, for example, "Art Papas", and highlight it.




2. Right click on the name, select Ebsta for Bullhorn and then either a People Search or Company Search.




3. The Ebsta for Bullhorn notification bar will drop down from the top of your browser and alert you to the search results.


4. Click on the Ebsta icon to view the Bullhorn record within your browser or click on anything coloured blue in the drop down notification bar to open the record in Bullhorn.


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