How do I submit a Bullhorn Marketplace Ticket?

Ebsta Support -

In order to submit tickets to Bullhorn you need to be an approved account or support contact for Bullhorn.  Please have you main account or support contact (who usually submits ticket to Bullhorn) to follow these instructions.

If the support or account contact is having difficulties with submitting tickets they should contact Bullhorn support via the following numbers to have this rectified before proceeding.


US Support | +1 617-478 9126

International Support | +1 617 478 9131


Logging into the Bullhorn Resource Center

1. Log into Bullhorn and click Menu > Support > Bullhorn Resource Center



2. Once you are in the Bullhorn Resource Center, click on Tickets.


3. Then choose Create New Ticket.



4. In the subject line add “Ebsta integration request” and click Next.



5. Click Next again.



6. On the final screen select the field values as: Marketplace > Ebsta > Medium and choose Submit.



7. You will receive a ticket confirmation ID and the integration process will begin.




8.  Typically the next correspondence you receive will outline the setup has been completed by Bullhorn and Ebsta has been given access to your Bullhorn database.


If you have any questions from that point onwards please contact Ebsta support