How do I install Ebsta Sync?

Ebsta Support -

You will need to be a Salesforce Administrator to install Ebsta Sync and connect it to your Salesforce Org.


1. Login as an Administrator to Salesforce.


2. Go to the following link:


3. Check Install for all Users and then click Install.


4. Approve Third-Party Access by checking Yes, grant access to third-party websites, then click Continue.




5. Wait for the install to complete.


6. Once the download is complete, check the I agree to the Ebsta terms and conditions box and click Connect to Salesforce.

Note: If the install takes longer to complete, Salesforce will send you an email to confirm once Ebsta has been successfully installed.




7. Give Ebsta permission to connect to your Salesforce account by clicking Allow.



8. You will now be good to go!



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