How do I set up Ebsta Sync's Privacy Controls?

Ebsta Support -

You can define whose Email Communications and Contacts are visible by default to Users within Salesforce.  You can also give Users additional control to hide specific Emails and Contacts.


1. Click on the Ebsta Tab.

If the Ebsta Tab is not visible, click + in the Tab ribbon and find Ebsta.



2. Ebsta will group your Users together by their Salefsorce Profile.

Select which Emails and Contacts are visible to each Salesforce Profile.


For example:

If you want System Administrators to see all Email Communications and Contacts, select every Salesforce Profile against the System Administrator Profile for Activities and Contacts. 

If you only want BDRs to see other BDR’s Email Communications and Contacts, only select BDRs against the BDR Profile for Activities and Contacts.

If you don’t want Users who are System Administrators to share their Emails with anyone else (including other System Administrators), you would select Only User and all other Salesforce Profiles (except System Administrator) against the System Administrator Profile for Activities.



3. Enabling User Control against a Salesforce Profile will give Users (under that specific Salesforce Profile) the ability to:

- Hide Email: Hide that single Email from view, but continue to keep all other Email communications and the Contact visible

- Hide All Emails: Hide all emails relating to that Contact, but continue to keep the Contact visible

 - Hide All Emails & Contact: Hide the Contact and all Email communications