How do I know which Mailboxes have been connected to Ebsta Sync?

Ebsta Support -

You will need to be a Salesforce Administrator to see which Users have connected a Mailbox to Ebsta Sync. 

View Connected Mailboxes

1. Click on the Ebsta Tab in Salesforce. If this isn't showing, click on the "+" button and then click on Ebsta from the available list.



2. Click on Active Users.



3. Ebsta will then display a list of connected Users and Mailboxes.


If Tick icon is appearing, the Mailbox is currently syncing.

If a Warning icon is displayed, the Mailbox isn't currently syncing with Ebsta. Users will need to reconnect their Mailbox. 

If no Mailbox is appearing next to a User, this means that they have connected their Salesforce Account but haven't yet connected a Mailbox. Users will need to connect their Mailbox.

If a User has not connected to Ebsta, they will not appear in the list and will need to connect their mailbox.

Users can (re)connect their Mailbox(es) to Ebsta Sync by following the instructions in this article:

How do I connect a Mailbox to Ebsta Sync?