What is Ebsta Sync's Alerts Tab?

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Alerts Tab Overview

Note: The Alerts tab and its features are only available to Ebsta Sync Enterprise Edition users.  To upgrade to Enterprise Edition, please contact sales@ebsta.com




Ebsta Sync will parse the email signatures that pass through your company Mailboxes every day and then alert you if any of the information you have is different.

Alerts include new Contacts, Phone Numbers, Job Titles and Left Business.



You can update the Contact record by clicking Action. This will take you through to the Edit record page.

If Ebsta Sync has found a new Contact, you can choose to create a new Lead or Contact record from the Alerts Tab.



If Ebsta Sync alerts you to an update that you don't want to change, you can choose to Ignore the update. This will remove it from the Alerts Tab.


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