What is Ebsta Sync's Emails Tab?

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If you haven't already done so, we recommend watching our short video showing you how to get you started using Ebsta Sync.

Getting Started with Ebsta Sync (video)


Email Tab Overview



Sent and Received Emails

Ebsta Sync will automatically show all your Sent and Received Emails (from any of your connected Mailboxes) that relate to any Account, Contact, Lead or Opportunity in Salesforce.

Ebsta Sync also gives you the ability to Order or Filter your view by Sent or Received Emails.




Ebsta Sync will show you which Contact the Email communications relate to. If the Contact exists in Salesforce, you will be able to click directly through to the Salesforce record. If it doesn't exist, you'll be able to create a completely new Contact or Lead record.




Summary View

Hover over the Magnifying Glass to get a quick snapshot summary of the email communication.



Full Email View

Click on the Email Subject Title to expand the view and see the Email in full.




All Emails are ordered in chronological order (the most recent shown first).

Ebsta Sync also gives the ability to Order or Filter your view by Date.





Ebsta Sync will show you which Colleague/Connected Mailbox the email communication relates to.


Add Emails to Salesforce

Ebsta Sync will automatically display all Sent and Received Email communications.

You can choose to add these emails to Salesforce by clicking the + Email button. Ebsta Sync will then add the email as a completed Task, relating it to the appropriate Salesforce records.

Emails that have been added to Salesforce are shown with a green tick icon. You can click on this icon to open the completed Task in Salesforce.



Privacy Controls

You can choose to hide a single Email, all Email communications or all Email communications and the Contact from Ebsta Sync  by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to a Contact's name.

Note: You will need to ask your Salesforce Administrator to enable User Control next to your Salesforce Profile in Ebsta's Settings if you don't have this option available.




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