What is Ebsta Sync's Contacts Tab?

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If you haven't already done so, we recommend watching our short video showing you how to get you started using Ebsta Sync.

Getting Started with Ebsta Sync (video)


Contacts Tab Overview



Contact Details

Ebsta Sync will parse information directly from the Contact's email signature to provide you with all the key contact details, including job title and phone number.


View Salesforce Contact Record

Ebsta Sync identifies all Contacts that you have that relate to an Account (matched by domain) and alert you to which ones do and don't exist in Salesforce.

You can click on the Contact or Lead icon to view the Salesforce record.



Create Contact or Lead Record in Salesforce

You can create a new Contact or Lead record in Salesforce by clicking on the Add Person icon next to any Contact Ebsta Sync finds that doesn't already relate to a Salesforce record.




Ebsta Sync will automatically pre-populate all relevant fields in Salesforce from the information parsed from the Contact's email signature.


Social Profiles

Ebsta Sync will display social profiles if they were found in the Contact's email signature. You can then click on these to go straight through to the social profile.



Status Indicator

Ebsta Sync alerts you to the status of a Contact record by identifying Out of Office Emails and Hard Bounces.

Ebsta Sync will alert you to whether a Contact is currently Out of Office or has Left the Company with an indicator next to the Contact.




Ebsta Sync measures the strength of your relationship with Contacts based on your email communications (how often you exchange emails, how recently emails have been exchanged and so on) to build a Velocity Score.

Ebsta Sync then displays this Velocity Score so you can identify which Contacts you should target.



Connected Colleagues

Ebsta Sync will show you which of your colleagues/connected Mailboxes knows a Contact so you can leverage their relationship for a warm introduction.



Privacy Controls

You can choose to hide all Email communications or all Email Communications and the Contact from Ebsta Sync by clicking on the drop-down a next to a Contact's name. If you wish to hide a specific email, you can do this from the Emails Tab.

Note: You will need to ask your Salesforce Administrator to enable User Control next to your Salesforce Profile in Ebsta's Settings if you don't have this option available.




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