How do I connect a Mailbox to Ebsta Sync? (with video)

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You will need to ensure Ebsta Sync is added to your Account, Contact, Lead and/or Opportunity Page Layout before connecting a Mailbox.

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Connect a Mailbox to Ebsta Sync

Watch this short video giving you a step-by-step tutorial on how to connect a mailbox to Ebsta Sync. Or read our Get Started Guide below.



1. Go to an Account, Contact, Lead or Opportunity where Ebsta Sync has been added.  Click Sign in with Salesforce.



2. Choose your Mailbox option below to connect a Mailbox.


Note: Once connected, Ebsta will begin processing through your emails. This may take several hours.


3. You can add as many Mailboxes as you wish by then clicking on the Connect an Email Account button.



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