How can I customise Salesforce fields in Ebsta Chrome for all Users?

Ebsta Support -

You will need to be a Salesforce Administrator to customise the Salesforce fields shown in Ebsta Chrome for all Users.


1. Access the Ebsta Chrome Control Panel and click on the CRM Integration button on the left-hand side. 


2. Click Admin Mode to turn it ON.

Note: Any changes to the Salesforce fields shown in Ebsta will affect all Ebsta Chrome Users at your company.





2. Once Admin Mode is turned ON, please select the Salesforce Object from the dropdown list.



3. Click and drag the Salesforce fields you wish to add to Ebsta Chrome from the the Field Selector column to the Displayed Layout column.

Note: The Salesforce fields on the left hand side, Displayed Layout, are those displayed in Ebsta Chrome. The Salesforce fields on the right hand side, Field Selector, are all unused fields available to you.




4. Click the Save Changes button once you have made all the changes you require.



5. Users will now need to open the Ebsta window, click on the Settings button and click Refresh Settings.