How do I customize the fields in Ebsta's Add Email to Salesforce Pop-up?

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Ebsta's Add Email to Salesforce   function enables you to add emails to Salesforce without leaving Gmail.  The Add Email to Salesforce Pop-up enables you to associate emails to particular Contact records and relate them to other objects in Salesforce. 

The fields displayed in this pop-up can be customized to better fit your workflows and processes in Salesforce.  All customization is done via Ebsta’s Control Panel. If you haven't already done so, we recommend reading the following article:

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How to customize the fields in the Add Email to Salesforce Pop-up

1. Access Ebsta's Control Panel 


2. Click CRM Integration in the left-hand column.


3. Select Add Email Pop-up from the drop down.


4. You will be presented with two columns; on the left Current Fields Selected are fields that will be displayed by Ebsta and on the right Available Fields are all unused fields that are available to you. You can click and drag the fields between the columns to customize Ebsta to suit your needs. 



5. Once you are happy with your settings, click 


6. For your changes to take effect, you need to refresh your settings. 

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7. Ebsta will now display the new fields you have selected.


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