How do I customize the fields in Ebsta's Summary View?

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Ebsta's Add Email to Salesforce   function enables you to add emails to Salesforce without leaving Gmail.  The Add Email to Salesforce Pop-up enables you to associate emails to particular Contact records and relate them to other objects in Salesforce. 



Ebsta will automatically pre-populate the Name and Related To objects. Ebsta's Summary View gives you a snapshot of the record so you can be sure you are adding emails to the correct record(s).  Simply hover over your chosen object (e.g. Frederick Samuels) to see the Summary View.



Ebsta's Summary View is taken from your Compact Layout view in Salesforce. You can customize this by following the steps below.

How to customize the field's in Ebsta's Summary View


1. Login to Salesforce and click Setup in the top right hand corner.




2. Click Customize.



3. Click on your chosen Salesforce object (e.g. Contact) and then click Compact Layouts.




4. Click New.



5. Create a new Compact Layout and click Save.




6. Click Compact Layout Assignment and then Edit Assignment.


7. Choose your new Compact Layout as the Primary Compact Layout and click Save.