How do I sync my Salesforce Contacts to Google?

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Due to popular demand from our users, we added this new feature in early 2016.  Ebsta now enables you to sync your Salesforce Contacts to Google.  Users have full control of which Contact lists to sync and which fields to include in the sync process. The two main benefits of Salesforce Contacts Sync are:

1. Suggested email addresses for Salesforce Contacts in Gmail

When you begin typing an email to a Salesforce Contact, Gmail will auto-fill the name and email address for the Contact. 


2. The ability to sync your Salesforce Contacts to your iPhone, iPad and Android

Syncing your Salesforce Contacts to Google means you can then sync your Google Contacts to your iPhone, iPad, Android, and other mobile phones and tablets mobile device. Here are some handy links:




How to sync your Google and Salesforce Contacts

1. Open Ebsta by clicking the Ebsta button   in the top right-hand corner of your browser.


2. Click Settings  Capture.PNG.


3. Click Google Contact Sync

Note: Ebsta will redirect to a Setup window.


4. Click Contact Sync Settings.


5. Select which Contact List you wish to sync by clicking Start Sync next to your chosen Salesforce Contact List.  

Note: You can run as many sync processes as you wish. Click + Create New List if you wish to create a new Salesforce Contact List View.



6. Choose the Salesforce fields you wish to sync to Google Contact fields, then click Preview Settings.


7. The Contact Sync Preview confirms the Contacts that will sync and which fields are included in the sync process.  If you're happy, click Confirm Settings to start the sync. If not, click Change Settings to adjust them.


8. The sync process will now commence. Ebsta will sync Contacts from your chosen Salesforce Contact List to Google. It will then run an automatic re-sync once every hour. 




Which way does Ebsta sync Contacts?

Ebsta will sync your Contacts from Salesforce to Google only.

How often does Ebsta sync Salesforce Contacts to Google?

Ebsta will sync your Salesforce Contacts to Google once every hour.

What fields will Ebsta sync from Salesforce Contacts to Google Contacts?

By default, Ebsta will sync a lot of the standard Salesforce Contact fields to Google, including; Name, Email Address, Phone, Mobile, City, Country and Job Title. You can edit these if you wish to include custom fields (see Step 5 above).

How does Ebsta match Contacts in Google?

Ebsta will match Google Contacts by email address.

Will Ebsta delete Contacts in Google?

Ebsta will not delete Google Contacts.


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