How does Ebsta work on optimised websites? (with video)

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On all optimised websites, Ebsta will automatically run searches against Salesforce as you browse and alert you discreetly via the blue drop-down notification bar what content exists in your database.

Watch this short video to learn more.



Search and Edit Salesforce

As well as Ebsta's blue notification bar alerting you to content that exists (or not) in your Salesforce database, Ebsta's user friendly interface enables you to edit and update records, record activities and manage tasks against those records without leaving the web page you are on.



Add to Salesforce (in two clicks!)

Ebsta also enables you to add new records (Contact, Account, Leads and Opportunities) to Salesforce, pre-populating key fields from information on the web page you are on.*


*Ebsta will not automatically pre-populate fields when adding a new record to your database from LinkedIn due to their terms and conditions.

Learn more by reading: Using Ebsta on LinkedIn


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