How do I disable Ebsta's notification bar in Gmail?

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If you don't want the Ebsta blue notification bar to drop down whilst you are reading your through your emails, you can chose to disable it.  You will still be able to determine if records exist in Salesforce or not as Ebsta will display the relevant Lead and Contact icons next to the Senders name in your inbox.

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You also have the option of disabling Ebsta in a particular Gmail account such as a personal one - very useful for when you are reading emails from your Nan!

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How to disable the Ebsta notification bar

1. Right-click on the Ebsta button  in the top right-hand corner in Gmail and select Options.



2. Check the Switch the Bar off in Gmail Only box and click Save Options



3. You will need to reload Gmail so that your new settings take effect.

Note: All of the Ebsta icons will still be visible in your inbox, when you are reading an email or composing a new message so you will still have full use of all of Ebsta's key product features such as add emails to Salesforce, email tracking etc.



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