Quick Start Guide 2: Google and Salesforce Calendars Sync (with video)

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Make your work-life just that little bit easier by syncing your Google and Salesforce Calendars.  Ebsta Chrome has the most comprehensive and trusted Google calendar sync in the world. You are able to manage multiple calendar syncing, time zones, reoccurring events, updating and deleting events and more.

Watch this short video showing you how to sync your Google and Salesforce Calendars or read the guide below.



Get Started: Google and Salesforce Calendars Sync

1. Open Ebsta Chrome and click the Settings cog icon  Capture.PNG.


2. Click Google Calendar Sync.

Note: Ebsta will redirect to a Setup window.


3. Click Calendar Sync Settings.


Note: If you get a warning message telling you you don't have access to all necessary fields to perform a sync, you'll need to customize the fields in your Salesforce Event Layout.

Learn more by reading: How do I customize the fields in the Salesforce Event Layout?


4. Select which Google Calendar(s) you wish to sync with Salesforce and which way you wish the Sync to run.  Ebsta can sync Events from your Google Calendar(s) to your Salesforce Calendar, your Salesforce Calendar to your Google Calendar(s), or sync Events both ways.  When you are happy with your selection, click Preview Settings.

IMPORTANT: If you choose for Ebsta to sync multiple Google Calendars both ways with Salesforce, Ebsta will sync an Event created in Google Calendar X, to Salesforce, and then to Google Calendar Y. If you do not wish for this to occur, we recommend you choose to sync your primary Google Calendar both ways, and then your other Calendars from Google Calendar to Salesforce. 

Learn more by reading: How do I manage Multiple Google Calendars Syncing with Salesforce?



5. Preview the Events that Ebsta will sync across. If you're happy, click Confirm Settings to start the Calendar Sync. If not, click Change Settings to adjust them.


6. The sync process will commence within five minutes of connecting your Google Calendar(s). It will then run an automatic re-sync once every hour. 



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To learn in more detail about Ebsta Chrome's Google and Salesforce Calendar Sync feature, we also recommend visiting the Google & Salesforce Calendars Sync section of this Knowledge Base.