How do I search Salesforce from any website? (with video)

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Ebsta will automatically run searches against Salesforce on all optimised websites and show you via the blue drop-down notification bar what content exists in your database.

Learn more by watching: How does Ebsta alert me to content in Salesforce?

You may however, land on a website that Ebsta is not optimised for and may wish to run a search for a particular person or company within your Salesforce database. 

Watch this short video showing how you can search Salesforce from any website you visit using Ebsta's Right-click Search function or read the guide below. 



How to search Salesforce from any website

1. When on a website, find a name, for example, "Ebsta", and highlight it.



2. Right-click on the name, select Ebsta Search.


3. The Ebsta's blue notification bar will drop down and alert you to the search results.


4. Click on the Ebsta button  in the right-hand corner of your browser to view the record.


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