How do I disable/enable Ebsta in one of my Gmail accounts?

Ebsta Support -

You also have the option to disable Ebsta in a particular Gmail account such as a personal one - so that the drop-down notification bar and Ebsta icons don't appear - very useful for when you are reading emails from your Nan!  

How do disable Ebsta in one of your Gmail Accounts


1. Open Ebsta by clicking on the Ebsta button   in the top right-hand corner in Gmail.





2. Click Settings Capture.PNG.



3. Click Google Accounts.


3. Uncheck the boxes next to the Gmail accounts you wish to disable Ebsta in and check the boxes next to the Gmail accounts you want Ebsta to appear in.

For example, Ebsta will appear in but not in




4. Click Save. You will need to reload Gmail so that your new settings take effect.


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