How does Ebsta work on websites it is not currently optimised for?

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Even on websites it is not currently optimised for, Ebsta provides quick and easy-to-use functionality to enable you to search Salesforce as well as update and add new records from the webpage you are on.

Watch this short video showing you how to use Ebsta's Right-click Search function to search for a particular person or company within your database from any website you visit.

In addition, read the guide below which explains shows how to run a search of Salesforce using Ebsta's search box.



Search Salesforce 

Ebsta enables you to search your Salesforce database from any webpage you are on.

1. Open Ebsta by clicking on the Ebsta button  in the top right-hand corner of your browser.



2. Type in the name of a LeadContact or Account in the search bar at the top of the Ebsta and click Search.



3. Select the relevant LeadContact or Account from the search results.


4. The record view will open and from here you can then reference Open Activities and Activities History, Campaigns and Opportunities and Chatter posts. You can also choose to edit the record, Log a Call, Add a Task or Campaign or Open the record up in Salesforce.


Add to Salesforce

If your search brings no matching records, you can use the  + Add button to create a new Salesforce record.  Ebsta will pre-populate the key fields from information on the web page you are on.


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