How does Ebsta for Bullhorn run a search against an email?

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Ebsta for Bullhorn enables you to see Contact, Candidate and Company records from Bullhorn alongside emails you are viewing in Outlook.

When you open an email in Outlook, Ebsta for Bullhorn runs an automatic search* for the person's name and email address - for example, "John Smith or" - and will notify you if you have a matching record via the blue notification bar.  If there is a matching record, the Ebsta for Bullhorn blue notification bar will drop giving you a snapshot of the previous activities that have taken place between the contact and your company.  


You can then chose to as the email as a note against the record in one-click without leaving Outlook.


* Note: When Ebsta runs its automatic search it will check the record has not been deleted and does not have a status of "archived".  Also any records in Bullhorn set to "private" will only be displayed to users who have the necessary permissions to view the record.

Multiple Search Results

Ebsta may occasionally show multiple results for a search, particularly if it is for a common name, such as "John Smith". In this case, Ebsta for Bullhorn will prioritise the search result by a matching email address. If the email address does not belong to a record, then Ebsta for Bullhorn will order results by the most recently created record first.

If Ebsta for Bullhorn does not display the correct record, you can check the search results by clicking on the Ebsta icon to then navigate through to the correct record.


No Search Results


If you do not have the person saved, you can create a new Candidate or Contact record.

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