How do I add a Contact and Company record to Bullhorn?

Ebsta Support -

Add a Contact 

1. The Ebsta for Bullhorn notification bar will identify if a person exists in your Bullhorn database or not.


2. Click on the Ebsta icon to open the Ebsta for Bullhorn window.


3. Hover over the Add button and select Contact.



4. Ebsta for Bullhorn will pre-populate fields with relevant information available from the web page*. Click the Company Lookup button to search for a Company record to associate the Contact to.


5. Search for the Company record and select it.  


 Note: If you don't have the company and wish to add it to Bullhorn, follow the instructions below.


5. Complete any additional fields and click Save.



6. Ebsta will ask you to confirm that you have the necessary permissions to create this record. Click Add as New.


7. The record will then be added.


Add a Company

1. If when searching for a Company to associate a contact to, there are no matches, click Add New.



2. Once all fields are complete, click Save and the Company record will be added.


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