What is Ebsta Score?

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The Ebsta Score™ is a number between 1-100 that represents Engagement. The more interactions your company has with a Person, Opportunity, Case or Account – the higher their Ebsta Score™. The Score offers a powerful dimension to your Forecasting and other Salesforce Reporting.

We use more than 40 signals from Salesforce fields, task types and Business Email Accounts to update the Ebsta Score™ on every Object, every day.

The majority of the signals used are derived from combinations of attributes and action, such as the number of emails sent versus the number of emails replied to. For example, calling an Account twice and having two conversations will contribute more to the Ebsta Score™ than sending an Account 10 emails and receiving no response.

We measure more than 1 million signals every day and are constantly adding more nodes to improve The Ebsta Score™ Algorithm.


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