How do I create an 'Ebsta Score vs. Opportunity Stage' graph?

Ebsta Support -

1. Click Reports.

2. Click New Report.


3. Click Opportunities> Opportunities, then click Create.


4. Apply the following Filters to pin-point the Opportunities you wish to Report against.

Please select a Date Range applicable for your business requirements.  You can, if you wish, add an Opportunity Owner to report on Opportunities relating to specific Users (e.g. "Harry Hill")



5. Drag and drop the following fields to provide a clearer view of your reporting:


Ebsta Score (relating to the Opportunity)

Opportunity: Stage

Opportunity: Opportunity Name



6. Click Tabular Format and change type to Summary.


7. Click the drop-down arrow next to Ebsta Score > Bucket this Field...


8. Add Ranges from 0-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80 and 81-100, then click OK.


9. Drag and drop the Ebsta Score group column header into the "Drop a field here to create a grouping." section.


10. Drag and drop the Stage column header into the "Drop a field here to create a grouping." section.


11. Click Add Chart.


12. Select the Vertical Bar option.


13. Choose "Stage" for the X-Axis and "Record Count" for the Y-Axis. Group By Ebsta Score and select the Stacked Graph option, then click OK.


14. Click Save.


15. Add this Report to your Dashboard in Salesforce by following the steps in the below article:

How do I create an Ebsta Analysis Dashboard in Salesforce? 


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