Will Ebsta for Bullhorn work on a Surface?

Ebsta Support -

Yes! Ebsta for Bullhorn does work on a Surface.  Due to the way this device renders many apps including Ebsta for Bullhorn, you will need to adjust your display settings to avoid display problems such as truncated text or incorrectly sized graphical elements.


Adjusting your Display Settings


1. Right Click anywhere on your Desktop and select Display Settings


2. Select which screen (or screens) that you need to adjust.



 3. Adjust the Change the size of text, apps and other items slider to 100%



4. If items now appear small on your screen, you will need to adjust this by lowering your resolution.  Go to Advanced Display Settings.



5. Select a lower screen resolution from the drop down menu than is already set  and click Apply.  

Please note The screen resolution to opt for will be dependant on the device you are using/the size of your monitor.



6. Click Keep Changes and then you will need to sign out and sign back in for your changes to take effect.