How do I assign Ebsta for Bullhorn Licences?

Ebsta Support -

1. If you have administrator rights, go to the Ebsta for Bullhorn Control Panel and click on the User / Licences button.


2. Reference how many licences you have at the top of the User Table.


3. Check the box next to the specific user(s) in the appropriate column, whether it is for a Google Chrome, Outlook or Bundle licence.



4. Click the Save Licence Changes button at the top of the User Table to confirm your selections.



Validate Licences

A user will need to validate their licence if they were in "trial expired" mode before you assigned a licence to them.


1. Open the Ebsta for Bullhorn window, click on the Home icon in the bottom right-hand corner and then click Validate My Licence.

Note: If you are in Outlook then please close and reopen Outlook.



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