How do I find my Bullhorn field names?

Ebsta Support -

You will need to be a Bullhorn administrator to gain access to your field mappings in Bullhorn. If you do not have Bullhorn administrator rights then please contact your Bullhorn administrator.


1. If you have Bullhorn administrator rights, go to and login.



2. Go to Tools and click on Field Mappings.



3. Go to the relevant section. For example, Candidate.



4. Identify the field you wish to add. For example, Status.The Field Name is what you will need to use to be sure that you are sending information from Ebsta for Bullhorn to the correct field in Bullhorn.

Note: A number of fields have different Field Names to Field Labels. For example, a field in Bullhorn with a label of "Job Title" could really be "Occupation" rather than "Title", or "Work Phone" could be "phone3" and not "phone2".




6. You can now add this field to Ebsta for Bullhorn confident that Ebsta will map any information added to the correct field in Bullhorn.


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