How do I manage multiple Google Calendars syncing with Salesforce?

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Ebsta Chrome allows you to sync multiple Google Calendars with Salesforce.  Ebsta can sync Events from your Google Calendar(s) to your Salesforce Calendar, your Salesforce Calendar to your Google Calendar(s), or sync Events both ways.

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How to Manage Multiple Google Calendars syncing with Salesforce 

If you choose for multiple Google Calendars to sync both ways with Salesforce (as per the Settings below), Ebsta will sync an Event to all your Google Calendars.



For example, you may create an Event (e.g. "Marketing Presentation") in one of your Google Calendars (e.g. "Marketing Activities").



As you have chosen for Ebsta to sync your "Marketing Activities" Calendar to Salesforce, "Marketing Presentation" will sync to Salesforce.



Then, because you have also chosen for Events in Salesforce to sync to your other Google Calendars (e.g. "Faye Roberts", "Meetings" and "Personal"), Ebsta Chrome will sync "Marketing Presentation" back from Salesforce to the each of the individual Calendars.



If you do not wish for this to occur, we recommend you choose to sync your primary Google Calendar both ways, and then your other Calendars from Google Calendar to Salesforce only. 

For example, of my four Google Calendars ("Faye Roberts", "Marketing Activities", "Meetings" and "Personal"), I want my "Marketing Activities" Calendar to be my primary Calendar, so Events created in my "Marketing Activities" Google Calendar are synced to my Salesforce Calendar, and Events created in my Salesforce Calendar are synced to my "Marketing Activities" Google Calendar.

I only want Events created in my other Google Calendars ("Faye Roberts", "Meetings" and "Personal") to sync to Salesforce only.

In Ebsta's Calendar Sync Settings I need to ensure my "Marketing Activities" Calendar will sync Events both ways, whilst my other Calendars will only sync to Salesforce (as per the settings below).



I have created 4 Events in each of my Google Calendars.  Each of these will now all sync to Salesforce.


These new Events that have been synced to Salesforce will now also sync back to the "Events" Calendar only, as per my Settings.



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