Quick Start Guide 5: Salesforce Templates in Gmail (with video)

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Eliminate the need to copy and paste by accessing and loading all of your Salesforce Templates directly into Gmail using Ebsta Chrome. 

Watch this short video showing how to access and load your templates in Gmail or read the guide below.



Get Started: Salesforce Templates in Gmail

1. When composing an email in Gmail, click on the Email Template icon Screen_Shot_2014-12-17_at_17.55.45.png.



2. Ebsta Chrome will then load all of your Salesforce Templates directly in Gmail. 

Note: Ebsta Chrome will automatically relate the email to the appropriate record in Salesforce.  If you want to merge to a different person, just run a search box and select the relevant record.  



3. Select which Salesforce Template you wish to use.  Ebsta will then merge the related Salesforce fields and pre-populate the template into Gmail. You can then alter the text if necessary before pressing Send.





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To learn in more detail about Ebsta Chrome's Gmail Integration for Salesforce, we also recommend visiting the Gmail & Salesforce Integration section of this Knowledge Base.